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New Year, New Blog

Welp, 2020 happened. I dunno about you, but I'm ready to ring in 2021!

Hello and welcome! My name is Brittany, creator of the webcomic Sunkissed and owner of this very new blog. Once introductions are out of the way, I hope to share insights and advice about creating a webcomic, sharing your art online, and making some money for yourself along the way! For now, here’s a little bit about me and my goals for this year:

I’m definitely a Type A personality type. I peak in the summer. My favorite animal is sharks but I fully relate to every single cat I meet. Breakfast is the best meal of the day. I used to be a runner and I haven’t given up hope that I won’t get back into it someday. I can bring the house down at karaoke and I have videos to prove it. All I know anymore is digital art and at this point I'm too scared to pick up a paint brush to test my traditional skills.

I graduated with two degrees: business management and art. I used be the Volunteer & Community Affairs Manager at a local, non-profit animal shelter helping pets in need but recently found work at a nursing home bringing joy and activities to residents in need. (You may notice a theme to the types of careers I get myself into.) On the weekend, I'm actually back at the same animal shelter to volunteer in the laundry room and (more importantly) visit the cats I fell in love with: Anne and Bianca. In whatever “spare” time I have though, I’m creating fresh content from art to comics to posts like this. Blogging is new to me, but writing is not so I’m excited to start incorporating it more into my online presence!

2021 New Year's Resolutions

While not always for the best, 2020 really took the idea of "change" and ran with it. For me personally, that included leaving my first job to pursue a brand new adventure, relaunching my webcomic, seeing a therapist (highly recommend!) and really getting this website up & running. I also got very good at incorporating masks into my daily fashion.

I'd like to keep all of this momentum going into 2021, so here are a few of my New Year's Resolutions that I'll hopefully revisit throughout the next twelve months:

  • Get money - I want a job that pays, I want to sell my art, I want to save up, and I want to budget my funds well. If I'm super successful, it will help tremendously with my next resolution which is to...

  • Move out - My first job was so rewarding, but it did not pay well which meant I couldn't rent or buy a place of my own. I'm determined to change that this year! Partly to gain independence, but also to provide the means to accomplish my next resolution which is to...

  • Adopt my cats - Working at an animal shelter for two years and not being able to adopt a pet was absolute torture. Fortunately for me, I picked two of the meanest and most screwed up cats that are still patiently waiting for me to get my act together. (Expect to see many things about them on this blog.) There's no way I'll disappoint them again this year though.

  • Set up an art office - Another reason to move out! I'm looking to expand my operations as an artist with physical merchandise and I really need a space to spread out in. Bonus points if this space looks like it could be a room example on

  • Run a full 5K - And improve my health in general, which is obviously on everyone's list of resolutions. I stopped exercising about the same time I started at Faithful Friends Animal Society, and my diet hasn't been great in years. The focus isn't exactly on losing weight though; I'd just like to not be winded walking up stairs.

  • Say no - I'm absolutely abysmal at letting people down, but there's one person I consistently don't consider and it's myself! At some point this year, I want to earnestly tell someone "no" when I know for a fact I'm unable to help them. (This one will make moving out feel like a breeze.)

  • Finish Chapter One of Sunkissed - Relaunching a webcomic and having to take it from the top is rather...boring. I'd like to make it through the entire first chapter (about 130 pages) and hopefully be able to sell it by 2022!

Have resolutions of your own? Let me know below or reach out to me via Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr and we can keep each other accountable! Happy New Year :)


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