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About Me

Artist Statement

Comics are the literal perfect blend of all my creative interests: I get to write a story and bring it to life with illustrations that will entertain others as much as I entertain myself. My obsession with sequential art was fostered and raised by all of the animated movies and shows in my life, from childhood to now. I love creating characters and plots of my own then sharing them with the world. My goal is that you'll love them as much as I do!

Rarely do I go a day without drawing, especially now that I have an iPad which goes just about everywhere with me. Yes, I am a digital artist through and through. I need my short keys and when I do pick up a pencil then it's guaranteed that I'll try to zoom in at least once. I'm also a big fan of not having a mess to deal with when I'm done for the day. Me and tablets were just meant to be <3


My youth was split in two parts: I wanted to write novels until I wanted to do nothing but draw. Sometime in college, I realized there are ways to combine those talents and so I started making comics. It was in-between getting a Business Management Degree and an Art Degree that I was able to create two finished stories (one of which was actually good!) and start another.

I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2018 with two degrees and not even a month later, I began working full-time at Faithful Friends Animal Society as the Volunteer & Community Affairs Manager. And so for the next two years and four months, I smelled like cat pee everyday.


While it was no doubt a rewarding way to pay off student loans, working at a non-profit really consumes your entire life!! Art had to take a bit of a backseat and a number of things I'd been working on fell into an indefinite hiatus. That was until the Spring/Summer of 2020 when I took full advantage of a global pandemic and working remotely to relaunch my baby, Sunkissed, and get started on plenty of new exciting projects. It felt good to be back!

What Lies Ahead

From 2020 to 2023, I have cycled through a number of day jobs, all the while developing myself as a freelance artist. I still have big hopes & dreams for what's to come, but for right now I'm just excited to be sharing my art and stories with so many people. And thanks to the support I have received over the past few years, I've been able to put even more time into those stories!


For more regular, up-to-date info about my work and my life, be sure to follow me on social media. And if you are interested in supporting me as an artist, please consider joining my Patreon for early updates, exclusive extras, and even prints/stickers sent right to you!

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