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Mila has dealt with her fair share of strange tourists while working the smoothie shack, but Delphine is by-far the weirdest. She’s fascinated by everything from stray cats to shave ice, has no clue how money works but knows the beach like the back of her hand, and makes a habit of seemingly disappearing into the ocean every night. It’s almost like she’s part fish…

But the more time they spend together, the more enchanted Mila becomes with her mysterious new friend. And when she learns that Delphine has to leave, Mila realizes she’d give anything to join her.


A Fish out of Water is a semester-long illustrative thesis created by Brittany Borgese. It follows the story of a mermaid, a smoothie stand worker, and a great magical whale who lives at the bottom of the sea.

Character Design & Concept Art
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